The following courses are at levels suitable for absolute novices to experienced medical secretaries and administrators.

The duration of the courses varies from 10 hours to 6 months depending on the course.


  • This course is an intensive medical terminology course.  The contents include the translation and formation of medical terms using root words, prefixes and suffixes.  Abbreviations, other medical terminology and pharmacology are also covered.

    The course takes up to 9 months to complete.

    There is an externally set and marked exam at the end of the course and the exams are held 3 times a year at set dates and times at either our London or Manchester centres.


  • This course is suitable for anyone and takes approximately 4 months to complete.  The course covers root words, prefixes, suffixes and abbreviations.

    There is an exam at the end of the course that is set and marked by City & Guilds Examiners.

    The exams are held 3 times per year on set dates and at set times.  These are non-negotiable.

  • This course is more in-depth and intensive than the Medical Terminology Course for Beginners.  It teaches root words, prefixes, suffixes, medical terms and abbreviations used in the clinical environment.

    The course takes approximately 6 months to complete and at the end of the course there is an overall test set and marked by BSMSA and successful students will receive a BSMSA certificate.

  • This course is suitable for someone without any medical terminology knowledge at all.  It teaches how medical terms are formed, the meanings of the root words, the prefixes and the suffixes used to form a medical term and how to join them.